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Welcome to our website!

Here, you will find a complete copy of Noah Webster's 1913 Dictionary of the Engligh Language online, for you to view and enjoy.

Although this dictionary was first penned almost a century ago, we hope that you will still find it useful.

To browse through the dictionary by the first letter of the words, you can use the links in the left column. Alternatively, if there is a specific word you are trying to find the definition for, you can use the search form, which is also in the left column.

Please check back frequently for more features and dictionaries. We have added some new features, such as the search form for definitions, and we have several other improvements we are working on that will appear over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you!

- 1913Dictionary.com

1913 Dictionary
Welcome to 1913Dictionary.com, the home of Noah Webster's 1913 Electronic Dictionary for the English Language!

We have a complete copy of Noah Webster's 1913 Electronic Dictionary online here for visitors to browse and search.

To browse Webster's Dictionary, please go to the Listings by Letter page, or use the search form to search for dictionary definitions.
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